Artist Statement

My name is Laura Shea. I create complex polyhedral and polygonal structures with beads and thread. My work explores the vast array of possible ways to connect component shapes at contiguous polygonal faces to construct chains and polyhedral sculptures. I label the beading operation of my work “Angle-stitching” which encompasses the geometric patterns and variety of angles in regular tilings (right-angle stitch, triangle stitch, hexagonal stitch), tessellations, open framework polyhedra and other forms. The open networks of tilings and frame polyhedra provide a magical space for light to play with glass. The architectural characteristics of polyhedra enable heavier beads to be stitched together with much lighter thread in a give and take of tension and pressure.The malleability of thread allows the inter-connected bead polygons and polyhedra to move fluidly and bend in improbable ways creating both abstract and natural seeming forms.